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Our Patrons letter urging for animals to be recognised as sentient beings in UK law when we leave the EU.

    Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation Patrons Lady Suzy Gale, Sir Roger Gale MP and Henry Smith MP have written a letter to Ministers George Eustice and Lord Gardiner urging for the Government to include the important recognition of animals as sentient beings in UK law once we leave the EU.  Under current European [...]

Secretary of State Michael Gove sets out his vision on the future of our natural environment, July 2017

  Safeguarding our future It is a particular pleasure to be here today in WWF’s magnificent Living Planet Centre. It’s an inspirational example of how buildings can contribute to environmental sustainability. The WWF’s commitment to worldwide conservation, to robust research and to engaging people as well as policy makers in these critical issues has [...]

“A vision of hell”: Sickening scenes inside pig farm that shame Britain- The Mirror, June 2017

  This Article was published in the Mirror  BY LEWIS PANTHER, June 2017 More than 30 dead piglets covered in flies are seen - but there is worse, much worse, just a few yards way "Two porkers chomp on a dead hog in sickening ­pictures which shame ­Britain’s pig farming trade. The distressed swine, destined [...]

Article titled:’ The Tories promised CCTV in slaughterhouses. Now they must deliver’ 6 July 2017

Article published in the Guardian by Chas Newkey- Burden “We all have a high regard for animal welfare,” said Theresa May during yesterday’s prime minister’s questions. A curious comment from someone who, during the general election campaign, said: “Personally, I’ve always been in favour of fox hunting.” Thankfully, the beleaguered PM has abandoned her [...]

Factory farming puts humanity in danger, Prince Charles warns, The Times, July 11th 2017

Factory farming puts humanity in danger, Prince Charles warns The Prince of Wales said that science agreed with him on the issue of intensive farming British farms have been reduced to little more than factories and must be brought into greater harmony with the planet, the Prince of Wales said yesterday. Dwindling biodiversity and [...]

Our Patrons support event to raise awareness for the millions of dogs suffering on dog meat farms in South Korea

Photo shows Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation( CAWF)  Patron Sir Roger Gale MP and CAWF Co- Founder Lorraine Platt at the House of Commons event to end dog meat farms in Korea   South Korea is the only country in the world known to intensively breed dogs for human consumption. Thousands of dog meat farms [...]

UK has nearly 800 livestock mega farms, investigation reveals UK has nearly 800 livestock mega farms, investigation reveals Exclusive: US-style intensive factory farming of poultry, pigs and cattle is sweeping across the British countryside – raising concerns over animal cruelty Nearly every county in England has at least one industrial-scale livestock farm, with close to 800 US-style mega farms operating across the UK, [...]

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