Sir Roger Gale, Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation Patron asked a question to Farming Minister on the Domestic Food Market in the main chamber of the House of Commons on 2nd March:

“Does my hon. Friend share the view expressed by the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation that leaving the EU can both help farmers increase their share of domestic products and improve animal welfare by preventing the import of goods produced under circumstances not permitted in the UK?”

George Eustice,Farming Minister

“As my hon. Friend is aware, the Government have a manifesto commitment to place a stronger recognition of animal welfare issues in the design of future agriculture policy and to promote higher standards of animal welfare in international trade deals. We intend to implement those manifesto commitments.”

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation believe it is vital that UK farmers are not undermined by lower welfare imports. The UK must insist on the inclusion in new trade agreements of a clause requiring imports to meet UK animal welfare standards on meat and processed products.



sir roger Gale to farming Minister