The Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation was established in 2016.

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation is an independent organisation which seeks to help advance farm animal welfare. The organisation was co- founded by a Conservative Association vice president and has Conservative MP Patrons. It has two Co-Founders – Chris is the present vice president of a Surrey Conservative Party Association and the former Chairman. Chris works in international finance and provides strategic oversight to the campaigns.

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Lorraine is a former Vice Chairman of a leading animal welfare charity, was awarded the International Fund For Animal Welfare 2012 Award presented at a reception in the House of Lords, was a shortlist finalist for the Inspiration Awards For Women Award 2013, was awarded the RSPCA Lord Erskine Silver Award 2014 and was awarded a finalist award in the Ceva Animal Welfare Awards 2016. Lorraine is the public face of our campaigning providing strategy decisions and is responsible for directing the daily operations of the campaigns.

 Co Founder of Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation

Co Founder of Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation

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Sir Roger and Lady Suzy Gale and Henry Smith MP are the Patrons of Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation.

Sir Roger has been involved in the promotion of animal welfare since he first entered the House of Commons. He served first on the Animals( Scientific Procedures) Bill Committee and was the founding Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments.( FRAME)

He served for six years as the Chairman of the All-Party Group for Animal Welfare and during that time generated trail- blazing reports into puppy farming and in 1997, the use of performing  wild animals in circuses. He also campaigned with  eventual success for the reform of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Roger continues to ensure that these matters have their rightful place within the political thinking of the Conservative Party and also works with our Members of the European Parliament to promote the cause of Europe-wide solutions to animal welfare issues such as religious slaughter and the use of animals in medical experiments. He is the President of Conservative Animal Welfare, an Honorary member of the British Veterinary Association ( BVA) and the Chairman of Trustees, The Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad.

Lady Suzy Gale

Lady Suzy Gale has worked in Animal Welfare for many years. Initially supporting her husband Roger, in his work for the All-Party Animal Welfare Group in the Houses of Parliament, and subsequently developed her own animal welfare programme and interests.

Suzy is the Founder of Animals Worldwide to support small neutering projects and groups in the UK and worldwide to help undernourished and ill treated cats, dogs and donkeys.  

Animals Worldwide


Henry Smith is the MP for Crawley and the Co-Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare in the House of Commons. Henry has led a number of important debates on animal welfare including the need for CCTV in all slaughterhouses. Henry has hosted many animal welfare events.

Henry is the deputy Chairman for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Veganism and Vegetarianism. The first meeting took place in December 2016 in the House of Commons and was attended by MPs, Peers, NGOs and members of the public.


Sir David Amess is the MP for Southend West. Sir David is very passionate about animal welfare, this can be seen in his parliamentary record having supported a number of animal welfare bills and acts over his time as an MP. These include introducing the legislation for the Protection Against Cruel Tethering Act in 1988, sponsoring the Horses and Ponies Bill in 1984-5, the Pet Animals Bill in 1990 and also sponsoring the Responsible Pet Ownership Competition for MPs and Peers. In 2011 he won the Dods Animal Welfare and Environment Award for his leading role in and commitment to animal welfare. The award is given to the Parliamentarian who has done the most to tackle issues concerning the welfare of animals and the natural environment.

In recent years Sir David has successfully campaigned to stop the unethical practice of testing domestic products on animals, tackled the illegal wildlife trade and fought to put an end to puppy farming. A prominent voice in the culling of badger’s debate, he consistently votes against any changes to the Hunting Act in order to protect the animals from culling.


David served on the Health Select Committee from 1998 until 2007. Due to his role on the Health Select Committee, he became one of the most prominent Conservative spokesmen on Health issues, becoming Chair of the Conservative Party Backbench Committee for Health in 1999. While a member of the committee, he played a prominent role holding an inquiry into the state of obesity in the UK, leading to the publication of a report in 2004 and has campaigned on various health issues since. We look forward to working with Sir David to help advance our campaigns.








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