April 2016

Anne Main MP introduces a Bill calling for better labelling to back British Farmers

Anne Main MP introduced a Private Members Bill into parliament on April 19th calling for better labelling on farm produce to back British farmers. During her speech in parliament, the St Albans MP said that, ‘it is not right or fair that other European countries can dodge animal welfare issues, can hide anonymously behind inadequate [...]

The Ceva Animal Welfare Awards 2016

On April 6 2016, the annual Ceva Animal Welfare Awards paid tribute to people who improve the lives of animals. A glitzy celebration at the Burlington Hotel, Birmingham, announced the winning candidates across the seven award categories. The awards now in their fifth year, serve to raise the profile of animal welfare around the [...]

Defra confirms U-turn after outcry over move to repeal legislation and put industry in charge of guidance on chicken farming

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation welcomes the news that there has been a U-turn on plans to repeal farm animal welfare codes, that were scheduled to come into force later this month. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs released a statement confirming the U-turn, saying the decision was taken “in light of views [...]

March 2016

Dogs – tick-borne diseases – pet passport scheme “flawed”

PRESS RELEASE 22 March, 2016. Dogs – tick-borne diseases - pet passport scheme “flawed”   There is a flaw in the Pet Passport scheme that must be corrected, says Patron of the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation Sir Roger Gale.  Speaking following receipt of written answers to two parliamentary questions (below) tabled following and outbreak [...]

The Environment Secretary joined by leading women in farming to celebrate International Women’s Day

Leading women farmers from around the country joined the Secretary of State Elizabeth Truss on March 8th to celebrate women’s contributions to British farming. Among those joining the Environment Secretary to mark International Women’s Day were Lynsey Martin, a young beef and sheep farmer and chair of Chair of Agriculture and Rural Issues Steering [...]

Zac Goldsmith brings country to city with farms pledge, March 7th

Zac Goldsmith has pledged to bring the countryside into the city by setting up 100 “pocket farms” in primary schools during his first year in office. The Tory mayoral candidate said he would fund green spaces for children to grow their own food, raise chickens or learn about the great outdoors. He would establish [...]

February 2016

Former Intensive livestock Farmer says ‘ We need a complete change of Agricultural direction’.

Since World War 2 British farming has failed miserably to feed our nation, we now import more than 50% of our food, and rising - at great cost to our balance of payments. The introduction of chemical and intensive farming has degraded our soils, devastated our natural environment and decimated our native wildlife from [...]

‘Shoppers misled by meat labels with images of idyllic farm life’ (The Times 06/02/2016)

The Times article 'Shoppers misled by meat labels with images of idyllic farm life' and editorial on Saturday 6th February 2016, drew attention to the widespread use of confusing meat labels. Labels which inaccurately portray the method of production used to produce food are widespread and consistently undermine the market for higher welfare meat [...]

January 2016

The urgent need for CCTV in all slaughterhouses by Henry Smith MP

Henry Smith is the  Co-Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare and Conservative MP for Crawley 'A year ago, I led a debate in the House of Commons calling for the introduction of CCTV in all UK slaughterhouses. During that debate, I cited a study carried out by Animal Aid who undertook secret filming [...]

A new kind of farming to transform the way meat is made?

The Future of Meat? A new kind of farming to transform the way meat is made- Animal tissue grown in a laboratory? Many people enjoy eating meat but don’t like the negative side effects of intensively farmed meat production which impacts upon the welfare of tens of billions of farm animals, which takes up [...]

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