Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation Pledges- EU Elections 2019

On Thursday 23rd May 2019, candidates from across all EU Member States will stand for election to the European Parliament. The EU elections present an excellent opportunity to show voters that candidates are committed to advancing welfare for farm animals, laboratory animals, companion animals and wildlife.

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation welcomes support for the below pledges on animal welfare in the EU during the 2019-2023 Parliamentary session If (re)elected to the European Parliament, we ask candidate MEPs to pledge support to:

1 End live animal exports/ transports for slaughter and fattening. Long distance transport causes unnecessary stress and suffering to animals.

2 End cages for farm animals. Millions of farm animals are denied space to move around in cramped cages and deprived of their natural behaviours. We urge for an end to cages and pig farrowing crates

3 Call for legislation for method of production labelling of all meat and dairy products so consumers can make an informed choice

4 End intensive industrial farming practices and redirect subsidies towards sustainable more climate friendly organic and plant based agriculture. The UN states that cutting back on meat is an essential part of preventing the degradation of our environment.

5 Urge for end to subsidies towards supporting cruel practices involving animals including bull fighting, fur farms and foie gras production. End foie gras and fur farming

6 Ban trophy hunting imports

7 Work to accelerate the global development and take up of alternatives to animal testing

8 End the illicit trade of pets in the EU

9 Resist all calls for the establishment of commercial whaling and seek further measures to end shark finning

10 Legislate for improved fish welfare both in production and slaughter

11 Total ban on ivory sales