Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation Statement on the Referendum result and the Prime Ministers Resignation

By June 29, 2016 April 29th, 2019 Latest News

Lorraine Platt, Co Founder of Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation said:’
“Following the Referendum result, there are so many unknowns that it is impossible to say for certain whether animal welfare will fare better inside or outside the EU. Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation will encourage the UK to lead initiatives to advance farm animal welfare and continue to push for change in the treatment of sentient farm animals on factory farms worldwide.

We will also continue to raise awareness amongst the public of the true cost of cheap meat and it’s impact not only upon animal welfare but also on Climate Change and the environment.

We thank David Cameron for his work as Prime Minister for the last six years and wish him well with the Future.

We thank No 10 for their support of our new Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation campaign to help advance farm animal welfare and look forward to working with the new Prime Minister to advance animal welfare objectives”

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