Find out more about the main areas of animal welfare concern we are campaigning for at the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation.

Caged Pigs

End Live Exports

We call for the Government to ban the live export trade for slaughter and fattening which, over the years, has caused immense suffering to our animals. It is a 2019 Conservative Manifesto commitment and was included in the Action Plan for Animal Welfare. When the Kept Animals Bill was dropped in 2023, the Government pledged to deliver this policy through a separate Bill.

Mandatory Labelling

We are calling on the Government to require clear and mandatory food labelling on how animals farmed for food were reared.

Advance Fish Welfare

It is time the question is shifted from whether fish can suffer, to how we are going to protect their interests given that they can.

The Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation is an independent organisation which seeks to help advance farm animal welfare.