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Banning Farrowing Crates – Transitioning to free farrowing to meet the welfare needs of pigs

Farrowing crates cause the greatest degree of confinement of farmed animals of any system
in the UK and European Union. The crate measures approximately 198cm x 60cm x 60cm
with a footfall (area) of 1.23m².1 This means that the sow is able to stand up and lie down,
but is unable to turn around or move freely to explore her environment. In the UK, 60% of
breeding sows are kept in crates, meaning over 200,000 sows are confined in this way

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Cleaner Fish

Lumpfish and wrasse species are remarkable animals with unique personalities and the ability for tool use. They even show some evidence of self-awareness. Relying on their
natural (yet, opportunistic) ‘cleaning’ behaviour, the aquaculture industry uses millions of them (about 15 million produced in Scotland in 2020) to eat sea lice from farmed salmon. The industry refers to them as ‘cleaner fish’, hiding their rights as individual sentient beings.

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CAWF Brexit March 2017

It is important to ensure that animal welfare is not compromised as part of the process to leave the EU and that opportunities are taken to improve existing policies and standards.

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