CAWF: Fish Sentience Briefing

“There is as much evidence that fish feel pain and suffer as there is for birds and mammals”

– Victoria Braithwaite, Author of “Do Fish Feel Pain?”

CAWF: Fish Welfare Report

The UK was one of the first countries to enact animal welfare legislation, however, fish have typically been left out of this progress.

CAWF: Ending Live Animal Exports

We recommend a complete ban on live animal exports. This would ensure they are slaughtered & raised according to UK’s welfare standards.

The Economics of Biodiversity

The review shows by bringing economics and ecology together, we can help save the natural world at what may be the last minute.

The Agriculture Bill 2019-21

The Bill provides the legislative framework for replacement agricultural support schemes following leaving the EU.

CAWF Brexit March 2017

It is important to ensure that animal welfare is not compromised as part of the process to leave the EU and that opportunities are taken to improve existing policies and standards.

End Live Exports For Slaughter and Fattening briefing

As the UK will soon no longer be bound by the EU’s free trade rules, we call for the Government to ban the live export trade for slaughter and fattening which over the years has caused immense suffering to our animals.