CAWF back Craig Mackinlay’s Bill to allow Councils to ban live animal exports from own ports

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation back Craig Mackinlay's Bill to change the law to allow Councils to ban the practice of live animal exports from ports they own

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation wish Craig Mackinlay MP every success in getting the law changed to allow Councils to ban the controversial practice of live animal exports from ports that they own.

We are grateful to Craig for working hard on this issue and hope the Bill receives the support it justly deserves.  Long journeys to continental Europe can cause thousands of sheep and calves to suffer on crowded trucks and they are forced to endure journeys that can last many hours.  Because of the distress and suffering caused to farm animals during long distance transport, we believe  we should move to a ‘carcass only’ trade.

Please see the below article on Craig Mackinlay’s website on the Bill:


On the 10th May, I am introducing a Bill to the House of Commons to change the law to allow Councils to ban the controversial practice of live animal exports from ports that they own.

In September 2012 tragedy struck the Thanet District Council owned port, Ramsgate. After chaotic attempts to load live animals for export to the Continent in which several sheep drowned many further sheep were killed on compassionate grounds. the local council attempted to ban the use of the port for live animal exports. A protracted legal case followed in which the Council was found to be in breach of an 1847 law. The compensation payable to the small and irregular ship owner now runs into many £millions, all of which must be paid by local rate payers.

This ruling means that local people are powerless to end a practice that many find barbaric – councils cannot turn away live exports.

I think it’s right that local people have a say in animal welfare standards in their area. When local people own ports, like in Ramsgate, they ought to be able to ban the exportation of live animals for slaughter, a practice many find barbaric.

My new law would guarantee there would be no repeat of the situation in 2012, which saw local residnets having to pay vast amounts of compensation to foreign shipping companies for banning live animal exports. This change in the law would in all likelihood have prevented the compensation claim.

The Bill is already attracting cross-party support with Ian Driver, Former Green Councillor and 2015 Parliamentary Candidate saying “I’m a hundred percent behind Craig with this. I wish him every success in getting the law changed”.


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