Contact candidates to speak out for farm animals

cowGeneral Election 2017

It is important that people contact their candidates and ask them to support measures to advance farm animal welfare and that EU animal welfare legislation remains in place to protect farm animals post Brexit.

The General Election takes place very soon and the public has a unique opportunity to ask candidates at hustings and by email to support farm animal proposals.

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation calls for:

End long distance live animal  exports for slaughter

End cage systems for hens and farrowing crates for pigs

Introduce Method of Production labelling so people are aware of which systems farm animals are reared in and the method of slaughter.

Support mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses to lessen animal suffering.

Please contact your candidates and ask them to pledge their support.


Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation  Food and Farming Charter proposals to advance farm animal welfare 2017:

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