Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day will be held on Wednesday 13th September

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Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation will be joining Compassion In World Farming and other like minded organisations and individuals to take action in this year’s ‘ Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day’ to be held on Wednesday 13th September 2017.

Global day of action

On 13th September there will be a number of events held around the globe with one clear message: Stop Live Transport. Events will be held across the world, to build awareness and demonstrate global opposition to this horrific trade.
There will be a flagship event in London (exact location to be confirmed) on this day, from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.

Horrifying journeys
Millions of live animals are transported thousands of kilometres every year. These long journeys result in immense suffering. Many animals receive insufficient food, water, rest and space to move, and face inhumane treatment at slaughter.
We are encouraging people to speak up for farm animals and make it clear that it’s time to stop these horrifying journeys.
Quash this cruel trade
Disappointingly,  the first live animal shipment of the year left from Ramsgate, UK , on Wednesday 9th August.

A voice for millions
We hope to see you on 13th September, however if you are unable to attend this event or want to learn more, please do check out other ways to get involved and be a voice for millions of animals around the globe- please email us at  or visit the Compassion In World Farming website on this event at

Take part

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Download your A4 cow mask here to take a selfie with and help raise awareness:



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