Animal welfare in the Leadership Campaign

The Conservative leadership contest presents an excellent opportunity to show voters that candidates are committed to advancing animal welfare.

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation welcomes support for the below pledges on animal welfare from candidates and has written to all Conservative MPs and leadership candidates for support on the pledges. See letter here sent on 30 May 2019: Letter to con MPS Regent Street for email

Dear Conservative Member of Parliament,

Re: Animal welfare in the Leadership Campaign

The UK is a nation of animal lovers. And our Party has a proud record of standing up for animal welfare. The Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation is asking all Candidates to sign up to the following six pledges. As you consider who to support for our next Leader, we would respectfully request that you ask for each Candidate’s views on these pledges:

  1. Protect farm animal welfare standards in post-Brexit trade deals. We should not sign up to any trade deal that would undercut British farm animal welfare standards.  This should be enshrined in legislation.
  2. End cages. Millions of sentient, intelligent farm animals are currently kept in cages, unable to fulfil their basic needs and exhibit their normal patterns of behaviour. We should phase out these cruel production systems.
  3. Introduce mandatory method of production labelling on all meat. The public should be given full information about how the animals they are eating were raised and slaughtered, allowing informed consumer choice.
  4. End Live Exports. It is deeply cruel to subject gentle calves and sheep to long, distressing journeys before slaughter. We must end this.
  5. Legislate to recognise animal sentience. UK law should explicitly recognise that animals are sentient beings with the ability to feel pain and experience pleasure and include a duty on government to take account of their welfare when making decisions.
  6. Teach animal welfare in the national curriculum. Children have a natural affinity for animals, and should be taught about their moral significance, their complex inner lives, their physiological and behavioural needs, and steps we can all take to protect and improve their welfare.

If you would like to find out more information about any of these issues, or support the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Thank you to all of our MPs who have helped to deliver British leadership on animal welfare!

Yours Sincerely and All Best Wishes,


Lorraine Platt

Founder of Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation

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