The People’s Walk for Wildlife, 22 September

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation joined the Peoples Walk For Wildlife on 22 September.

It rained heavily and there were many umbrellas, yet 10,000 people  turned up and walked through London listening to bird song playing from their mobile phones, led by Chris Packham.

The walk comes at a time when our environmental laws, funding and governance remain uncertain as the UK leaves the European Union.  The walk reminds all politicians to take the impact of wildlife into account in all decisions.. Billed as a celebration of life, it’s also a call for action to stop the decline of many species. Some species are already extinct while others, such  hedgehogs, bats and several species of moths have suffered  huge declines in the last few decades. Bees and butterflies are in decline as well as birds and insects. The causes of decline include the overuse of pesticides, the loss of hedgerows, hay meadows, deforestation , over tidy gardens and intensive farming.

peoples walk
The People’s Walk for Wildlife
Save the date and join Chris Packham and everybody who cares about wildlife in central London on 22nd September 2018

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation supports The People’s Walk for Wildlife, which is being organised by naturalist, TV presenter and conservationist Chris Packham. The event is to bring awareness to the huge loss in wildlife that the UK has experienced in the last few decades, and continues to occur.

We invite all individuals who follow our campaigns, their families and friends, to join together on Saturday September 22 in Hyde Park for The People’s Walk for Wildlife to celebrate the UK’s wildlife and raise awareness of its plight. The People’s Walk for Wildlife is an opportunity for us to come together and demonstrate how much we value nature.

People will be gathering from 10am on Saturday 22 September at the Reformer’s Tree in Hyde Park. There will be ‘infotainment’ from noon, and the walk begins at 1pm. It will finish at 2pm at Richmond Terrace. The Reformer’s Tree is in the north east corner of Hyde Park. The nearest tube stations are Marble Arch and Oxford Street.

You can find more information on the walk at its official webpage here:

Sat 22 September 2018

10:00 – 14:00 BST

Sat 22 September 2018

10:00 – 14:00 BST

On 22nd September join Chris Packham for the first People’s Walk for Wildlife in Central London. This walk is for everybody who cares about wildlife and is concerned about the rapid loss of UK wildlife and who wants to stand up and take action.

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