– Our MP Patrons Sir David Amess and Henry Smith Call for a Ban on Supertrawlers in UK Waters

Supertrawlers will be free to plunder Britain's waters post-Brexit, Government sources have admitted.

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The Telegraph reported on the 11th of January “Supertrawlers will be free to plunder Britain’s waters after Brexit, government sources have admitted, as they do not have the powers to implement a blanket ban.

Many hoped that leaving the EU would also mean waving goodbye to their massive boats, which throw nets up to a mile long into the sea and are blamed for environmental destruction.

Since we officially left the EU, supertrawlers including the Margiris, which is banned in Australia after being accused of depleting fish stocks, have been fishing off the coast of the UK.

Government sources said that they cannot “exclude these boats altogether“, and can only currently legislate in terms of the type of fishing they do……….”

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