End Farrowing Crates

Veterinary Record: ‘The UK must ban farrowing crates’

Dr. Steven McCulloch, head of research at the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, argues that the UK should ban the use of farrowing crates for pigs and the veterinary profession must provide its full support. Dr. Steven McCulloch is Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Studies at the Centre for Animal Welfare, University of Winchester. Steven qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Bristol University.

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Animal Welfare in the Leadership Campaign 2022

The Conservative leadership contest presents an excellent opportunity to show voters that candidates are committed to advancing animal welfare.  MP’s mailbags show that animal welfare is one of the public’s top priorities. In the remaining stages of the leadership contest, it is important that the current animal welfare reforms continue under a new Prime Minister.

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation

CAWF Welcomes APPG Session On Increasing Welfare Protection For Farmed Fish

The Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation (CAWF) has welcomed a session of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare focussed on increasing welfare protection for farmed fish. The purpose of the meeting was to consider current protections for farmed fish, including the effectiveness of voluntary schemes, and whether action needs to be taken by industry and government.

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CAWF Reacts To The Resignation Of he Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP

The Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation (CAWF) is saddened by the resignation of Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Boris Johnson MP today as Leader of the Conservative Party.
As a champion for animal welfare, we would like to pay tribute to the many important animal welfare achievements under his leadership.

End Cages for Egg Laying Birds

Ten years on from talk of a ban, new report on debeaking shows millions of day-old chicks still debeaked each year in UK.

The report, ‘The Case for Ending Beak Trimming’, outlines what beak trimming entails and how it is currently justified, the economic implications of its use, and ultimately why we must move away from this painful practice. Beak trimming is widely employed across the egg industry; this amounts to tens of millions of hens in the UK who suffer this practice.

Legislation, Policy & Bills

Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation Responds to Queen’s Speech 2022

CAWF is pleased to welcome the Government’s decision to carry over the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill into the next parliamentary session. This flagship Bill which forms an important part of the Action Plan for Animal Welfare will crucially ban live exports for fattening and slaughter and a number of other measures to protect our farmed animals, pets, and wild animals.

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Our Spring Newsletter

Our spring news letter covers all the latest CAWF news, and our recent success stories, including welfare bills and legislation wins.

Legislation, Policy & Bills

Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill Report Stage

The Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill [HL] was introduced in the House of Lords on 13 May 2021. We ask MPs to support the important Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill in its final parliamentary stages.

End Farrowing Crates

Defra Secretary of State George Eustice announced the next steps in the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway

The Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation welcomes this initiative to advance farm animal health and welfare. Defra is considering the case for introducing reforms, such as the use of farrowing crates for pigs and enriched cages for laying hens.” The Animal Health and Welfare Pathway- It supports farmers to transition to higher welfare practices and systems